23-47. Prepping for the New Year 2

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air form November 21st

Reflecting on my current situation, I find myself grappling with a significant decision regarding the timeline of a project or task at hand. The pressing question I’m facing is whether this needs to be wrapped up within the current year, or if it’s feasible and acceptable to let it extend into the next year.

As I sit here, considering the workload and responsibilities that are already lined up for the next few weeks, I’m leaning towards the realization that extending the timeline into next year is not just a possibility, but perhaps the most practical choice. This decision isn’t made lightly; it’s born out of a realistic assessment of my current commitments and the scope of work that remains.

The conclusion that ‘the answer is yes’ to extending the deadline into the next year is a reflection of my understanding of the situation. It takes into account various factors such as the quality of work, my well-being, and the potential benefits of allowing more time to ensure that the task or project is completed to the best of my abilities.

As I make this decision, I’m aware that it may necessitate clear communication with any stakeholders involved. It’s important to convey not just the change in timeline, but also the reasoning behind it, ensuring that everyone understands and is on board with this revised plan.

Navigating through these considerations, I feel this approach will ultimately lead to a better outcome for the project and for myself.

It’s indeed okay to not push an agenda and to go with the flow. This mindset can be particularly beneficial in situations where forcing a course of action might lead to unnecessary stress or complications.

The idea that encountering resistance could be an indicator that either the situation or we ourselves are not ready for a particular change or action is quite insightful to oneself. It suggests a level of awareness and adaptability that can be crucial in both personal and professional contexts.

Resistance, whether internal or external, often signals that there might be aspects of a situation that haven’t been fully considered or understood yet. It might mean that more preparation is needed, or that circumstances aren’t conducive to the desired course of action. In such cases, taking a step back, reevaluating the situation, and allowing things to unfold more naturally can lead to more harmonious and effective outcomes.

Embracing this approach can also involve a degree of patience and open-mindedness. It allows for the possibility that there might be alternative paths or solutions that haven’t been considered yet, and that these might emerge more clearly when not forcing a specific agenda.

In summary, going with the flow and being mindful of resistance is a valuable strategy. It encourages a more responsive, rather than reactive, approach to challenges and opportunities.

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  1. Blessings beautifully committed Sara; thank you for such an archive of curiously informing guests and YOUR heart and soul force dedicated to enlightening the global field@ From Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M Ed Coun, walking on the edges of high tides and standing bending in the stormy winds of the northwest Pacific ocean!

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